Galesburg Speedway to Use Transponders in 2018

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Galesburg Speedway to Use Transponders in 2018

The much anticipated change from hand scoring to electronic scoring by use of transponders will finally be happening starting in 2018.  Galesburg has always relied on hand scoring and was one of the last remaining tracks in America to still using hand scorers.  Although our hand scorers are the best in the business they were given a lot to do and performed that task fantastically, so justifying the cost of electronic scoring was not an easy one.  However, track promoter and manager Jim Woodin made the decision to make the change to electronic scoring.  This choice was made to provide a more accurate and easy to maintain system, something electronic scoring has proven time and time again to do.

What does this mean for you as a fan or race team?  Race teams will have the confidence to know that human error is no longer part of the equation when scoring laps.  The stop watches are gone, no longer will the question be asked if the car in third or sixth was going under their time.  Race teams will gain the ability to judge not just one or two electronically timed laps but every lap on the track regardless if its qualifying or racing.  One of the things that is difficult for us is not being allowed to have a scoreboard due to an “agreement” with the township, signed by previous owners.  However with electronic scoring fans and race teams will be able to use their wireless phone to see not only the current standings but also every lap of every single competitor.

Westhold Transponders

Westhold Transponder for Electronic Timing

Race teams will be required to have a transponder (see image) on their car at all times when on the track.  A transponder is a electronic device that attaches to the car with a unique serial number.  The transponder communicates with a wire, called a scoring loop, at the start finish line.  The transponder sends a signal to the tower at the speed of sound to notify the decoder in the tower.  The scoring software then uses that data to display lap times, position, lap number and uses the serial number to assign that to a driver.

Because of the addition of transponders that allows us to take a new approach to qualifying, so new for the 2018 season we will also be going to group qualifying.  You can click here to read all the details.

For those interested in the live timing apps we will be making an announcement close to the season regarding which third party app we are going to be using.  Please do not purchase any apps that anyone claims we will be using.  The options are either Race Hero or Race Monitor and depending on a few tests done by our scoring staff a decision will be made at that time.

Galesburg Speedway is a quarter mile asphalt oval with a figure eight track.  Located between Kalamazoo, MI & Battle Creek, MI it has been operating every year since 1947.  Home of the world famous school bus figure eight and The Freedom.  Divisions include Late Model Sportsman, Street Stocks, Mini-Stocks, Outlaw Front Wheel Drives & Burg Stock Front Wheel Drives.

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