2021 Schedule Change and Important Announcement

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School Bus Figure Eight at Galesburg Speedway

2021 Schedule Change and Important Announcement

Pap’s Dream & The School Bus Figure Eight Postponed

As you can imagine running a business during a pandemic is very hard.  When we first created the 2021 schedule, we waited as long as we could to see what would change regarding crowd sizes.  Unfortunately, current restrictions put in place by the Governor of the State of Michigan regarding crowd sizes are not large enough for some events.  Although crowd sizes at billion-dollar businesses, that are indoors, are still unrestricted as they have been since day 1 of this pandemic.  These restrictions left us with a tough choice regarding the Paps Dream & School Bus Figure Eight race.  After discussing the options, we concluded that we would need to postpone this race.

Good News is We are Still Racing That Weekend

It’s not all bad news; we can still put on an event that weekend, but not one as large.  With that in mind, we will start racing Saturday, April 24th, 2021, with all four classes running a special event.  Our original schedule had the first night of racing on Saturday, May 1, 2021.  Of course, this special event is a non-points race due to some race teams planning on that extra week to get ready for their run at a points championship.  To get this news out as quickly as possible, complete details, including payouts for this event, will be posted in the next couple of days.

Hoosier Tires are Available

If you want the NEW F70 tire, we will be placing our first stocking order on Wednesday.  If you need tires, please contact Eddie Santora at 269-350-0324 with the sizes and number of tires you need.  Eddie is very busy, and if he does not answer, send him a text with your name and the tire information.  We want everyone to understand that there is a nationwide shortage of rubber, and you may see demand for tires exceeds supply.  If you need tires, then be sure to let us know in advance.  You may also use the Hoosier D800 or 800 tires until June 1st.

Pit Spots

If you had a reserved pit spot last year then all you need to do is contact us to let us know you are using it this season.  There will be no reservation fee for pit spots if you had one last year.  It is VERY important you contact Kevin England by calling the track or messaging him by April 17th, 2021.  Anyone who does not contact Kevin by that date will forfeit their spot.  Anyone who needs a reserved spot may contact us on April 18th.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Guests and Competitors

If you are wondering if you have to wear a mask, the answer is we will be following all state-mandated guidelines.  Currently, the state guidelines require you to wear a mask anytime you are not seated.  If you visited The Burg at M40 Speedway last season, not much is changing from those guidelines. Unfortunately, we must keep competitors and spectators separated due to state guidelines. Knowing this, unless things change, we will have to make more room for pit seating.  Our current plan is to block off the turn one grandstands and only allow guests to enter them with a pit pass.

Any Other Schedule Changes?

We are not planning on modifying any other events for the 2021 Season at this time.  However, that can change very quickly so please be sure to follow us on Facebook and visit our website for news and updates. We are navigating this the best we can and thank you for your patience and understanding.


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