Driver Registration

Registration for Galesburg Speedway

In order to participate in events at Galesburg Speedway you must be registered. Drivers are required to fill out Page 1 and Page 2 completely. Page 1 contains the information needed for our office and scoring staff members. Page 2 is for the announcer and all drivers are required to fill out this form. Minor release forms are also to be filled out at the track for anyone entering the restricted pit area who is under the age of 18.  Galesburg Speedway reserves the right to refuse or allow anyone they choose in the restricted pit area at anytime.

Pit Spots

To reserve a pit spot, please include $100 for a concrete slab and $25 for a grass pit slab with your registration.  See page 3 for a map of where each pit spot is located.  Pit slabs are given to those who reserved and paid for them last season first, you will have until the end of business on 3/31/2019 to have paid your registration fee and pit slab fee to reserve your spot from last season, no exceptions.  You are allowed to reserve ONE SPOT per registration.  If you want a spot that someone else had or want to move you can do so on 4/1/2019, if that spot is available.  Concrete slabs will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  If the pit spot you requested is already reserved, we will attempt to put you in a spot as close to it as possible.  We may also move you from the spot you had last year if needed, but will keep you as close as possible.  You all are going to move anyway, it’s like locker assignments at school everyone always ends up next to their friend somehow.  OK, the last part was just to check who actually reads this stuff.

In lieu of mailing them you may drop them off at Mattawan Transmission located at 24359 Red Arrow Hwy. – Mattawan, MI 49071 – 269-760-2450