Pit Spot Rules and Regulations

Effective for the 2019 racing season and all future seasons; All pit spots at Galesburg Speedway are the property of Galesburg Speedway.  Pit spots may not be leased, subleased, sold or reassigned by anyone other than Galesburg Speedway.

  1. Race teams may not allow the use of their reserved pit spot to anyone without notifying Galesburg Speedway in advance.
  2. Only one pit spot is allowed per driver and must be assigned to an active driver registration on file at Galesburg Speedway.
  3. Failing to contact Galesburg Speedway if you will not be participating before noon on race day, 3 times, will result in permanent forfeiture of your reserved pit spot.
  4. In the event of an extended absence please notify us of the dates you will be missing so we may assign that spot in your absence.
  5. In rare instances Galesburg Speedway reserves the right to move anyone during special events to accommodate larger haulers for those events, you will be notified prior to arriving at the track in those instances.

These rules and guidelines are in place due to a very high demand for pit spots at Galesburg Speedway and as such must be followed to insure we can quickly and efficiently park cars on race days.  We thank all race teams for their cooperation and understanding of the following this policy.