Galesburg Speedway to Use Group Qualifying in 2018

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Group Qualifying NEW for 2018

Galesburg Speedway to Use Group Qualifying in 2018

With Galesburg Speedway stepping up their game in 2018, with the running of transponders, there will be a new procedure in place for Qualifying. We will be going with group qualifying for all divisions in 2018. What this means, that anytime a car is on the track prior to racing events for a “Weekly Race Night at The Burg” they will be qualifying. We will run a mock group qualifying sessions at both Pre-Season Open Practice’s on April 28 & April 29.  Any tweaks needed after, will be adjusted and posted the week prior to opening night. Each division will have two sessions of Group Qualifying at each scheduled event.

Approximate times for group qualifying sessions will be posted on the track web-site by the Wednesday before that week’s event. The times will be posted on the track line up boards on race day.

Pits will be open at 2:00 PM  and Pit passes will also go on sale at that time as well.

Any car on the track is required to always have a Transponder mounted on the car correctly at all times. Transponders will be available at 2:00 PM when the pits open and can be picked up when you sign in to get your pit pass. Make sure you mount your transponder correctly. If it is mounted incorrectly and a driver’s laps don’t register on the scoring system, they will start at the tail and not receive any qualifying points. Any driver who does not know the correct mounting position can ask an official and we will be happy to help them.

Raceceivers™ are mandatory anytime cars are on the track, this includes group qualifying. The Race Director will be calling out caution flags and black flags. If at any time a driver is found to not have a Raceceiver™ on, they will be black flagged and sent to the pits.

Group Qualifying will begin at 4:05 PM sharp. We will send groups of 10 cars out at a time. Once on the track, cars will need to spread out, as they will be taking the green flag as they pass the flag stand the second time by. Drivers will be given 6 green flag laps and then the checker flag will be displayed. At that time, a driver may go into the pits and adjust their car then get back in line to come back out onto that track, time permitting.  Any driver pulling into the infield or staying on the track will not be allowed to join the next session. Once the time expires, for that division/round, no more groups will be sent back out onto the track. This will be the case for all divisions.  DO NOT SPEED IN THE PITS TO BEAT THE CLOCK!

The sessions will last the exact amount of time the schedule says they will, with only one exception. When the session begins the tower will make note of the last car in line and ready to qualify (guaranteed car). That car and all cars lined up ahead of it will be guaranteed 6 laps of group qualifying (if a driver takes to the track when officials allow them to).  This means if the session clock expires the guaranteed car and any ahead of him will still be allowed 6 laps of group qualifying. Any cars that are not in line when the session begins will have no guarantee for time and no cars will be guaranteed being able to go on the track more than once in a round. If at any time the track becomes empty and track officials do not see any teams appearing as though they are going to try to get back on the track, the session may be called complete.

Prior to group qualifying, tech will be open for any cars to pass through prior to taking laps on the track.  Galesburg Speedway officials reserve the right AT ANYTIME THEY SEE FIT to tech any car(s) they wish, including a post qualifying inspection. Any car(s) that fails post qualifying tech will lose their qualifying points and starting position and that driver would start scratch for the night.

Any ties in group qualifying will be broken by those cars 2nd fastest lap, 3rd fastest lap etc. If the tie can still not be broken, then it will be broken by a coin flip (2) or a blind draw (3 or more cars).

Any cars that do not qualify will be placed at the end of the qualifying order for line up purposes but will not receive qualifying points. These cars will start in the slow heat but will have to start at the tail. Please see general rules for breakout times.  There will not be any times taken through the heats. If car comes in after lineups have been set, those cars will start the tail of the slow heat and the tail of either the feature, last chance or B feature in the order they show up.

If rain or something else disrupts a session it will be handled as follows. Once the “Guarantee Car” has been given thier 6 laps the qualifying session will be considered complete if it needs to be stopped, meaning the points will count and the lineup for the event will be based on the qualifying times. If a session does not reach that point, then no points will be given for qualifying and line ups will be based on the 2018 driver point standings. On opening night lineups will be based on 2017 driver point standings. If a session gets to its scheduled conclusion during rain delay the session will be cancelled for the event.

Drivers are not allowed to switch cars during any session of group qualifying.  One Driver – One Car is the rule, once a car enters the track for group qualifying they will be the only driver to drive that car and it will be the only car they drive in that session.  A driver may switch cars or change to a back up with the approval of the race director in between sessions.  Any driver wishing to switch cars is required to go to the tower for permission, ONLY the driver or car owner can make this change, no exceptions.  Pit stewards cannot approve this or radio up the change.  Failure to get permission will result in disqualification for the entire night for all cars and drivers involved.  Upon approval of the race director, any cars and drivers involved with the switch will forfeit their previous sessions qualifying time.



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