Bash at The Burg Payout Information

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Bash at The Burg

Bash at The Burg Payout Information

The Bash at The Burg – Night of Destruction is August 5th.  We are in need of competitors for the following events.  Trailer Races, Front Wheel Drive Figure Eight and Front Wheel Drive Demo Derby.  The payouts for these events are:

Bus Races:
If you want to participate you are welcome to bring your own bus.  Stock school buses only and no flat nose buses or bars!  Buses must have a full racing harness for the driver and riders.  Galesburg Speedway officials reserve the right to refuse the participation of any bus!  There is no payout for this event outside of a trophy and one of the craziest rides you’ll ever have in a bus.  We already have 10 school buses but we want to make this one epic!  Can we run two races?

Trailer Race:
Any trailer with a hitch, driver supplies the trailer.
$600, $350, $250, $150, and $100 to start

Front Wheel Drive Figure Eight
$500, $300, $200, $150,  $100, $75, $60, $50 to Start

Stock Front Wheel Drive Demo Derby (More info on this coming soon)
$500, $250, $125, $75

Rules are simple:  All cars must have a roll over bar on the drivers side or roll cage, window net and steel plate covering the door on the drivers side.  All glass except front window must be removed.  Cars will remain stock!  If it takes you more than a few hours to build it then you over built it.  Cars may participate in EVERY SINGLE event except of course the bus race.


Please fill out this form if you plan on participating so we can get an idea of the number of competitors.
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