Directions to the Track

Directions to get to The Burg

Instructions: How to get to Galesburg Speedway, please enter your address below and click the “Go” button then to print just hit CTRL + P on your keyboard.  Mobile users you can use the Google app by clicking the button.

Galesburg Speedway, 573 S 38th St, Galesburg, MI 49053

To see whats racing this week you can visit our Schedule to see our Special Events or when the Buses, Late Model Sportsman, Street Stocks, Mini-Stocks, Outlaw Front Wheel Drives and Burg Stock FWD are running.

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You could also use the following voice commands on your cell phone.
“Hey Siri, Directions to Galesburg Speedway, please.” – or – 
“Hey Google, Directions to Galesburg Speedway, please.”