Galesburg Speedway - 2017 Outlaw Burg Stock Rules

  1. Safety Requirements
    • Either a full one piece or a two piece fire suit with pants and a jacket.  No one will be permitted to run with a fire suit jacket only.
    • Driver side window net.
    • Minimum 4 point racing harness required and is to be mounted in a safe and proper manner.
    • Helmet designed for auto racing.
    • Gloves are required at all times while competing.
      • Minimum double layer or triple layer fire suit.
      • High quality and properly rated racing helmet.
      • Fireproof gloves that are made for racing.
      • Racing shoes and fire proof socks.
      • Fire proof head and face cover.
      • Neck Collar or HANS Device
      • 5 point racing harness.
      • Racing seat preferably with head, shoulder, arm and leg restraints.
  2. Any 4 or 6 cylinder front wheel drive car with factory fuel injection.
    • No convertibles.
    • No trucks.
    • No mid or rear engine cars.
  3. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on ANTI-FREEZE!
  4. Drivetrain, Exhaust, Battery & Gas Tank
    • Mufflers are mandatory with a maximum 2.5" exhaust.
    • No turbo or super chargers.
    • No multi-carburetor engines.
    • No rotary engines.
    • No cosworth engines.
    • Stock transmission for the make and model of the car.
    • Battery may be relocated.  Must be securely mounted and strapped.  If located in drivers compartment must be covered.
    • Gas Tank
      • Stock gas tank ahead of rear axle.
        • May remain in place.
      • Stock gas tank behind rear axle.
        • Must be replaced and relocated to the trunk.
      • If replacing gas tank:  Use a small 8 gallon fuel cell or boat gas tank.  The tank must be mounted in the farthest forward area of the truck and securely fastened with at least 4 straps.  The rear firewall must be completely enclosed.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE USE OF A MADE FOR RACING FUEL CELL.
  5. Struts & Shocks
    • All struts/shocks will be stock steel with no adjustable strut valving of any kind.  Slip on coil over sleeves OK, but no threaded body struts or adjustable struts allowed.
  6. .Body & Frame
    • Complete stock body from front to back.
    • Complete stock frame.
    • Stock front and rear firewalls.
    • All doors are to be welded or securely fastened.
    • Hood and trunk needs to be secured with quick latches or pins.
    • All metal bumpers must be strapped or chained with a bumper cover.
    • All glass, except the windshield, must be removed.
      • Lexan windshield HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
      • No windshield is OK - Must place bars in front of driver.
    • All insulation, carpet, fabric and plastic must be removed.
    • All head lights, tail lights and brake lights must be removed.  NO WORKING LIGHTS!
  7. Roll Cage
    • A 4 point roll cage is mandatory!
    • You are allowed to run a minimum 1.75"x0.90 diameter bars down and between the rear struts coming off the back of the main cage.
    • You are allowed to run a minimum 1.75"x0.90 diameter bar between the front struts and front frame horns.
  8. Tires and Wheels
    • Hoosier 790's or 850's
    • 7" wide stock or safety wheels.
    • No offset deeper than 2" on the right side and 3" on the left.
    • Replacing the stock lug nuts with 1" is HIGHLY recommended.
  9. Raceciever and Radios
    1. A ONE WAY raceciever is required in all classes.
    2. Any type of communication device other than a product that allows one way radio transmission from track officials is not allowed.  This includes all radios, cell phones and any other type of communication to a driver.
  10. Break Out Times & Qualifying
    • All competitors will qualify with their class.
      • Any cars unable to qualify due to equipment or arrive after their class has already qualified will be given ONE LAP at the end of qualifying.
    • A qualified car may only race in the race the car qualified for.
    • A driver may not compete with an unqualified car in any race without forfeiting qualifying points.
    • After qualifying a, very generous, quarter second is given to you to account for changing track conditions throughout the evening.
    • If any two laps during a race are recorded faster than your breakout time, by our officials, you will be penalized.
      • Penalties
        • Black Flag: Your race is over.  You can either pull into the infield or into the pits.  Use your head, don't just slam on the brakes or slow down in the racing groove!
        • Points:  You have lost all points for the race.
        • Payout:  You have lost all money earned for the race.  You will still receive any money earned for other races you competed in.
      • Heat Race Penalties:
        • You will be placed at the back of the field in your feature, lined up behind all cars regardless if they elected the tail.  Multiple breakout cars will be lined up by the amount of time they went over with the biggest offender placed last.  Your time will be reset and you will be timed based off that new time if not in the A feature.  In some circumstances you MAY be bumped up a feature based off the judgment of the official scorer.
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Race Winners! [9/3/2017]
Qualifying : AJ Foote
B Feature : Richard Swan
A Feature : AJ Foote

Qualifying : Jacob Alexander
C Feature : Brandon French
B Feature : CJ French
A Feature : Jacob Alexander