Galesburg Speedway - 2017 Late Model Sportsman Rules



Galesburg Speedway   2017 Late Model Sportsman Rules       


100 Decibel Noise Limit on all Cars-No Exceptions!  All cars will have working Mufflers (regardless how long you have run without them) Exhaust can exit the door.

A Special Safety Note to all drivers:  It is your responsibility to look over and upgrade all of your personal safety equipment.  A full containment seat, a head & neck restraint, a fuel cell with all of the proper check valves in place, a new fire suit including the proper under garments, gloves, socks & shoes that are all to the highest of safety ratings.  Highly recommended that all safety equipment get upgraded to a Snell 2015 rating and be SFI/1 approved.  

Tires will be the Hoosier D-800. Absolutely No Tire Soaking or Altering the Tire of Any Kind!



In order to keep a fair and competitive playing field we are allowing anyone using Kalamazoo Speedway’s Spec Shock program to follow their shock guidelines.  If you’re utilizing that shock package you will be allowed the following guidelines.


•       Any team racing on the Spec Shock Test Program will be able to race at 2800lbs (rather than 2850lbs)

•       Any team racing on the Spec Shock Test Program will be able to race at 62% left side (compared to 60%)



A Full Template Body will be required to run this class - No steel OEM bodies will be allowed to run in this class.  All ABC Body Measurements will be the guideline for this class.  All cars will have an un-altered template tail & nosepiece, mounted with the same dimensions & height as an ABC body has.  Go to the following link to get all body measurements:               


Hang your bodies straight up as they are intended to be, using these ABC Measurements.  Do not alter the nose or tail pieces in any way and do not try to tweak & stretch your body so it hangs out to the right 3 - 4”.   Use the off season to hang these bodies in a proper fashion!   If you show up with unapproved quarter panels or front fenders or your body is too far off from our ABC style Late Model Sportsman body rules, you will run with a 3” x 60” rear spoiler (Officials Discretion). 


Aftermarket template fenders, quarter panels, hood & an un-altered full size template roof, complete with un-altered template C Pillars are required.  The roof will be centered on your car from side to side. No offsetting of the roof on the body.  No down force body panels of any kind!  No offset or down force bodies – must be square on the chassis.  


You are allowed to fabricate the remaining part of your bodies, but are required to keep these looking stock!  Full front windshield and rear windows are required.  Rear window & rear spoiler must be completely see-through.  The front Vent windows will be 12” maximum, measured along the top of the door.  Template style spoiler, 6.5” tall x 60” wide, mounted with template style mounts.  All body measurements off the ground will be measured with driver in car!!!  



All safety rules apply.  Refer to the General Rules for 2017 before starting on your car.  Raceceiver’s are mandatory for all Late Model Sportsman drivers in 2017


Base weight to be 2850 lbs. with 60 % left side weight.  Stock or tubular chassis is permitted.

Add 50 lbs for Aluminum heads.

Subtract 50 lbs for a complete 100% ABC approved body


Minimum wheelbase 101”.  Maximum Tread Width is 80”, measured with toe plates. 


Four-post roll cage required - must mount directly on top of the frame rail. A minimum of three driver door bars is required, four door bars highly recommended. Front hoop recommended, but will not pass through the front grill. All rear braces may extend to the back of the car, may have an X for strength, but will not extend to the outside of the tailpiece. All tubing to be a minimum of 1-1/2" with .065”.  The center section of the cage will be a minimum of 1-3/4" diameter with .090”. Doorplate and footplate are mandatory with a minimum size of 10" x 30" x 1/8" thick each. All roll cages are subject to the track officials’ approval. 


Engine setback not to exceed 4", from the center of the top ball joint to the center of the farthest forward cylinder.  


Cast iron heads and block.  Cast iron or Aluminum intake OK.  Headers OK.  No dry sump oil systems or external pumps of any kind.  23 degree style Aluminum Heads are OK with a 50lb. weight add-on.


Carburetor - any 2 or 4 barrel carburetor OK.   Automatic, Manual or Racing Transmission allowed.  


Rear end may have a 3 or 4 link suspension. Rear end may be locked - rear disc brakes are OK.  Drive shaft hoop mandatory.  Screw jacks or load bolts are optional.   Full size Springs or 2 ½” Coil Overs are allowed.  Aftermarket top A-Frames OK.  Aftermarket front center link is OK.  Slider mounts are OK.  All shocks will be a non-adjustable shock - no canister style shock - no external adjustments of any kind on the shock.


If the stock firewall & floorboard is removed, the driver’s floor & foot box will be 1/8" steel minimum.


No in cockpit adjustments of any kind besides brake bias adjuster 


8" steel racing wheels with 1" lug nuts. Tires will be the Hoosier D-800.  


Absolutely No Tire Soaking or Altering of the tires of any kind!!


Fuel line must be run below driver’s compartments.  Fuel cell is mandatory with approved guard; the cell must have 8" ground clearance. 

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